Where do you start? Where does anyone?

Look into you heart where the dreams come from

In some hidden place they lie in eager longing

They're waiting to be made. Can you hear them calling

So easy to ignore. So many fine reasons The same old excuses for every new season

But they know who you are and they want to set you free

And you know that you can do it, you've just got to

Beautiful Nothing

[Key of C]

Beautiful [C] nothing

Come set me [G] free

Strip me of all of my [F] concepts

Erase my [C] memory


Rob me of all my [F] conclusions

And all I [C] believe

Vaporise all my [F] opinions

So I may [C] see


Beautiful nothing

Come make me new

Dismantle my dearest of doctrine

Show me what's true


Show me my brothers and sisters

Not as ideas

Not as the labels and judgements

I created in fear


Beautiful nothing

Come take my hand

Lighten this heavy old burden

Of all I understand


I'm so tired of all of this trying to be something

Wanna let it all go

Perhaps I will then re-discover

All I don't know.

All I don't [Am] know. All I don't [G] know...All I don't [F] know...

All I don't [C] know...repeat


Like the waves on the [F] ocean

And the man in the [C] moon

And the vast and the glorious spacious and meaningless sacred & beautiful rich field of [F]nothing

That gave birth to this [C] tune.

The ballad of Joe Marie and Rusty the dog

D# D# G F D#

[ D#] It's two AM and I am still wide awake I've got a

new song arriving and it must be played. It'd be

[G#] So much better if they showed up in the day but it

[G] Doesn't [F] work that way [D#]


The song is about Jo who thought Marie was the one he saidI got to

Make her see make her mine make her love. He kept

Reeling her in til he drove her away cause it

Doesn't work that way


Jo's dog got run over the night Marie went away

When the vet gave the verdict Jo took up praying

He prayed all night Rusty died the next day cause it

Doesn't work that way


Jo said, "I can't go on" but his heart did not agree not matter

How deep he sank he continued to breathe he said,

"oh let me die!" but his heart beat just the same cause it

doesn't work that way




So "how does it work" I hear you say. And I

wish I could tell you some secret special way that would

make you happy for the rest of your days but it

doesn't work that way


they say that...

where you struggle there lies your treasure have

intent and surrender in equal measure

Let your soul be your pilot

Let love light the way

And see how it goes that way.

Journey Melody

[Key of D]

[A] How many beats has [G] your heart beaten?

[A] How many breaths have [G] you breathed in?

[A] How long for did you [G] run away?

[A] Before you turned around and [G] dived on in?


[A] How many miles have you [G] travelled?

[A] How far are you [G] prepared to go?

[A] To meet what you gotta meet [G]

[A] To find yourself [G] returning home?



[D] Journey travellers [A] lets go come along

[Bm] The earth turns and the [G] beat goes on

[D] Journey melody join in sing a long

[Bm] Feel your heart beat [G] under the song

Ba-[D] boom ba-[A] boom ba-[Bm] boom ba-[G] boom boom ch-ka! [Em]


How far'd you crawl before you walked?

How many times did you fall down?

How long to learn to balance?

And rise up beyond the ground?


How about how you got stuck?

With no idea just what to do?

How about when you took a deep breath

Called for help and let it come to you?




How many feelings have you felt?

coursing through your blood in your veins?

Pain and joy and fear and love and

And all kinds of things you could never name


How much stuff has flowed and moved,

slid and crashed and shifted through

this vessel of mysteriously unravelling unfolding you




You used to wait for guarantees

Now you get on and do it

You used to creep around your life

Now you bravely walk on through it


When you count your blessings

And the grace on you bestowed.


When you count your lucky stars

you don't have enough fingers and toes.


Chorus with counter part

All is welcome here

Everything belongs

All is perfect here

And has been all along


How much stuff has flowed moved

slid crashed and shifted through

this vessel of mysteriously unravelling unfolding you


Journey travellers lets go come along

The earth turns and the beat goes on

Journey melody join in sing a long

Feel your heart beat under the song

Ba- boom ba- boom ba-boom ba- boom


You used to wait for guarantees

Now you get on and do it

You used to creep around your life

Now you bravely walk on through it


When you count your blessings

and the grace on you bestowed

When you count your lucky stars

you don't have enough fingers and toes.


All is welcome here

Everything belongs

All is perfect here

And has been all along

When you were a kid

[Key of G]

[G] Remember when you were a kid

Exploring the streets of your neighbourhood

[C] A little bit further

Every day

[G] Expanding the boundaries, the radius away from [F] home


You would set out on your own

Happy to wander all alone

Or with your dog

Pulling on his lead

Get down to the beach

Set him free

And you loved him so


And you didn't have to plan you just had to go


Look there's a plum tree better have a plum

Better have a few fill your pocket with 'em

Look there's a new street never been down this road

Look here's a corner which way should I go


Well you didn't have to decide you just had to know


Now you're older what has changed

Exploring the neighbourhood in a similar way

The boundaries got bigger and little boys and girls

Who played on your street now work out in the world


And it not what you hope

It's what you learn...

Gods’ haircut

[Emaj7] Hello God. It's been a [D#m7] while since we talked

I been [C#m7] too busy chasing carrots dangling from the [Bmaj7] stick tied to my back.


[Emaj7] I haven't been to church in [D#m7] well, you know how long it's been

[C#m7] But when Sunday morning comes around [Bmaj7] I so love sleeping in.


[Emaj7] Well here's my confession, the [D#m7] first thing on the list

[C#m7] I'm not sure I believe in you, [Bmaj7] or if you even exist


[Emaj7] But sometimes in the sunshine or [D#m7] just after I've been broken

[C#m7] I know you've understood [F#maj7] before I've even spoken



[Emaj7] - [G#m7] - [F#7] - [Emaj7] 

[D#m7] - [G#m7] - [F#7] - [Emaj7]


I got so bored at church when I was a kid

I'd sit and count the bricks in the wall. One time I got to a thousand & 6


Things started looking up. When I was about thirteen

The church formed a youth group, around the time of my first wet dream


God I discovered you in the faces of those girls

And their flirty Christian cuddles, their crosses and their curves.


Father Dave was a cool guy, we hung out at his place

Cups of tea, played guitar. I felt like I'd joined the human race




I used to try to understand in order to believe

I have reversed that now and through the eyes of faith I see


And I'm worried and I'm scared that by singing this song

I'll come across as born again and turn people off


You know some people get weird when you mention God

Guess a lot of shit's gone down, in the name of the cross


I guess God looks on saying "do what you will

I gave you freedom of choice to use for good or ill.


Hallelujah X 2


I could be right I could be wrong but I think it's you God who wrote this song

That's okay cause if that's true and song's crap I can blame it on you


Okay, I'm goin' to bed now would you please get out of my head now

I really need to get some rest the sleepy mind is truly blessed


I'll see you in the sun rise, hear you in the parakeets cry

I'll see you in the bathroom mirror looking at me through my own eyes


Those eyes are still bright tho' lately somewhat baggy

And God, you need a haircut you're getting kind of shaggy

Sherlock Holmes takes a holiday

[C] Sherlock [Am] Holmes [D] takes a [G] holiday.

[C] He's sick and [Am] tired of [D] mystery [G].

He's [C] packed his [Am] bags and said [D] goodbye to [G] Baker Street

and [C] all the [Am] criminals are [G] running [D] free.


[C] Sherlock's [Am] put a [D] sign on the [G] door that says

"I've [C] packed my [Am] pipe and my [D] violin [G].

[C] I no [Am] longer [D] own a [G] magnifying glass.

[C] I went down to the [Am] river and I [G] chucked it [D] in".



For [Bm] so long [G] now [Bm] he's been [C] wondering.

For [Bm] so long [G] now [Bm] he's been [C] pondering.

[Bm] Now he [G] knows that [B**] it's time to live again.

He's [G] taking a [Am] holiday.

He's [G] throwing it [Bm] all away.

He's [G] taking a [Am] holiday - [G] ay [D] ay [G] ay


Sherlock Holmes has dropped his disguises.

He's showing himself as a simple Man.

He says "Oh, what a joy to be vulnerable

to live and love sing and dance".


Doctor Watson says it's irresponsible.

He says that Sherlock;s letting us down.

Sherlock Holmes says, "screw you Dr. Watson.

I'm sick of deductions and thoughtful frowns..."




"For so long now I've been thinking

and into my head I've been sinking and sinking.

Now I know that it's time to live again.

I've taken a holiday.

I'm throwing it all away.

I've taken a holiday ay ay ay"


Sherlock Holmes is broadening his horizons.

Sherlock Holmes is making new friends.

Sherlock Holmes has been seen at some parties.

Sherlock Holmes is happy again.


Sherlock Holmes is through with deductions,

implications and probabilities.

He no longer needs satisfactory explanations

for the one big bewildering mystery.




For so long now he's been wondering.

For so long now he's been pondering.

Now he knows that it's time to live again.

He's taking a holiday.

He's throwing it all away.

He's taking a holiday ay ay ay

In my way

You get in my way in the kitchen

In front of the stove and the fridge

In the doorway and by the sink

In front of the cupboard where the plates are kept


And everywhere I move I have to displace you

And then you relocate to the next place that I'm headed to

And it's been so good since you walked in

And I can hardly wait for you to get in my way again



So get in my way

Please get in my way

I love it when you interrupt my day

Cause when you're in my way

It feels so right

So come on come on and interrupt my life


You're unpredictable and gorgeous the way you cover the floor

And every square inch ya cover I love ya more

I'm peering over my cookbook but it's all pretend (cause what I'm really doin')

Is praying you'll get in my way again





You get in my way and it makes us laugh

You touch my waist I touch your shoulder as we pass

Well I am cooking and you watch me cook

I lift up the frying pan lid and you take a look

And the rice is ready and the pappadums are cooked

The timing is perfect and life is good

And the music is cool

And the wine settles in

And my heart is smiling

Cause you're in my way


Bondi Sand

Went down this morning shivering and aching.

Sat on the rocks and I watched the sunrise.

A tapestry of footprints on the canvas tells the story

Of the folks who jog, the lawless dogs

And the lovers in love on


Bondi sand

And the sunlight hits the land

And I finally stand.

And I go back to my home.

And sleep again.


Out past the breakers where the brave boys tread the water

I let the waves throw me around

And up at the pavilion the tourist buses roll in

And it's camera's clicked and ice creams licked

And doggy bags of


Bondi sand

And they take them to another land

And they show them to their friends

And it's oh so clean and bright

Isn't it?


Well everyone is choosing from a hundred different ice creams.

And the beach boys and bunnies are dying to be brown.

Here come the skateboards and the big baggy shorted boys

Past they go and I'm walking slow and between my toes I feel


Bondi sand

And the shadows hit the land

And I meet up with my friends

In a Bondi street café

And we're talking

And laughing

We're just little grains of Sand


Bondi sand

Dream Girl

Dream Girl. I met you in my dreams.

You're beautiful. As beautiful can be.

You're so young and you're so free. Ah dream girl...



Together we lay our bodies down.

You sang to me. It was the sweetest sound.

The angels came over and we all just hung around oh but

Dream girl...

I've got a real girl now.



Dream girl [you're the girl of my dreams]

Dream girl [but you're not want you seem]

Dream girl [now it's time to get real]

Get Real


This real girl she's not as lovely as you.

She's got a dark side.

She loves to argue.

She burps and she farts she's got bad breath sometimes too.

She's not perfect, like you. but you see


I've been waiting and waiting for you to become flesh

I've been waiting and waiting but you haven't showed up yet.

We've got a good thing going babe but it's only in dreams

And there's a real world out there and I want to live in it.




This real girl she fully challenges me.

She calls me to be the man she needs me to be

She won't stand for my bullshit. She sees through my disguise.

It's like a game of hide and seek only there's nowhere to hide.


This real girl and me we don't always get along.

Sometimes it feels right, sometimes it feels wrong.

But every now and then I look in to her face

And I see you there dream girl.

With all your beauty and grace.




Umbrella Winter

Disposable umbrellas are drowning in the gutters.

The city bins are overflowin'.

Flimsy little creatures, naked in the puddles.

Wire bones and skin of nylon.


And all over town

buses are driving umbrellas and brief cases around.

Brief cases go home

but from umbrellas people just walk away.


There's Mary Poppins she's flying above us.

I bet that she's getting quite wet up there.

It's umbrella winter the boys have got black ones.

The girls have all kinds of colours.


And all over town

umbrellas are studied and chosen by natural selection.

The strong ones are passed on

and the weak ones are left behind.


It's umbrella winter my shoes they are squelching.

I should have worn the ones without the holes.

The trains they are resting the buses are empty.

The hour of rushing is over.


And all over town

the rain it is pissing down.

It's raining in buckets.

It's lucky I've got my umbrella with me.


Cats and dogs...

It's lucky I've got my umbrella with me.

The Bitching

If I start dissin you please don't be offended.

It's just a habit and it makes me feel good.

If I take the piss out of you well, it's nothing personal.

It's just a hunger that I need to feed.


I go to a party with all my friends.

We bitch our little hearts out in sweet revenge. You see

I got this anger and nowhere to throw it.

And you look so together and you look like you know it.



I try to squash these feelings down.

But sometimes they won't be denied.

I could protest when the bitching comes around but then

I'd be called a hippie and I'd be I just

Bitch That's what I do I

Bitch Just like you I

Bitch Come on come on come on come on let's all




I love the feeling of importance that I get

when I make some cynical remark.

I demonstrate my intellect and my great inner strength

by ripping someone else's dreams apart.

I got this feeling that it's kind of wrong.

But oh the short term satisfaction.

And it really makes me feel like I belong.

And like I've done something without taking action.




Bitch Are you ready? Here we go:

Well she said this and he did that. Did you see her dress? It makes her look fat.

She did him and he did her and that's not all it gets worse.

Let's rip her to bits let put him down. Come on it's the easiest game in town. Did you

see that film? I just can't believe, he's the worst actor I've ever seen. He

used to be good 'til he got all the fame. The same thing happened to what's his name? I just

can't believe. It just goes to show. It was on the cards. You know I told you so. It's the

government. It's the gst. I just love to bitch come on join me

Let's bitch c'mon now









Bitch yeah

Bitch huh


The Jumper Song

I was cold so she lent me her jumper.

And I have worn it every day since then.

It smells like her and it is so warm.

And like she says, it looks good on me and I look good in it.

And I don't want to give it back.

And I think she'd be happy with that.

Just as long as she could hold it some times...While I'm in it.



Love that jumper  it keeps me warm

Love that jumper  shelter from the storm

Love that jumper  I want to get it on

Love that jumper  this is the one


It was quiet there in her room.

And the party raged through the rest of the house.

And as we talked about the posters on her walls

people kept comin in and goin out to get their coats and hats and say goodbye.

On the floor she stood on the bed I sat.

I got cold and I told her that

Well she knew just what to do...Out came the jumper.





And now here comes the interesting part.

I pulled the jumper on over my beating heart.

And then I felt her lips against my neck.

Pressin in, movin up. Oh, so soft and warm and wet.

And as the morning came.

I drove myself away.

And I'd like to say that's that...But I've still got the jumper.


And I want her as much as I don't.

And I want to see her again but I probably won't.

Cause a jumper like that I could keep forever and a day

but when it comes to love; I just seem to throw it away.





Near perfect form

Colours true and strong

Feel it on my skin

As soft as they come

The only thing that's wrong

Is my arms are too long

They keep my distance from

Just about everyone

But in the light of the dawn

May I be reborn

As a love so strong

That goes on and on

It doesn’t matter

I had some things to do so I did 'em and I did 'em.

I was doin' and doin' and doin' and doin' and the list just kept getting bigger.

I got so worried. I felt so shattered.

I started believing that it mattered.


I had some things to figure out so I figured and I figured.

I thought that might cure my doubt but it just got thicker.

I want to shrink my brain but it just get's fatter.

Feeding from the giant pile of things that I think matter.




But they don't matter. They don't matter no no


They don't matter. They don't matter no

They don't matter. They don't matter no.

They don't matter. They don't matter


I rushed around all day.

Trying to succeed.

Things didn't go my way.

I didn't get what I need.

Things didn't go to plan.

I didn't turn into superman

And nothing got resolved.

At all.


So I turned into a tiny ball of fury.

I sent myself to hell I was my own judge and jury.

Poor me. Broken and battered.

Caught up with believing that all this bullshit matters.




And now I've upset you. Are you angry?

Am I the bad guy now? Don't you like me?

Should I have listened To your stupid chatter?

Should I have pretended that you're obsessions matter?


Well, how can I put this?




Today I swear I actually got excited.

I really felt quite good about my life.

There was a rush of optimism and a smile.

And it lasted for a whole little while.


I dreamt about you all through the morning.

I woke up and I found some things to do.

I did not think of you for an hour or two.

And that felt good and sad and new.


I've been going down to the water.

Trying to get some stillness into my mind.

I dive into the memory of our time

And then I lie down in the sun to dry.


I'm doing so well at letting go.

I get an A plus and a gold star.

I removed your number from my number one speed dial.

I got a hair cut and a new coat. Hello autumn.


Daylight saving finished today.

It's always a little sad to see it go.

And I know it's not the end of the world.

It's just a little darker and I've always felt the cold.


And there's so much I want to tell you.

But you're no longer the one in whom I confide.

I loved you then and I love you still.

And you know I always will.