Beautiful Nothing

[Key of C]

Beautiful [C] nothing

Come set me [G] free

Strip me of all of my [F] concepts

Erase my [C] memory


Rob me of all my [F] conclusions

And all I [C] believe

Vaporise all my [F] opinions

So I may [C] see


Beautiful nothing

Come make me new

Dismantle my dearest of doctrine

Show me what's true


Show me my brothers and sisters

Not as ideas

Not as the labels and judgements

I created in fear


Beautiful nothing

Come take my hand

Lighten this heavy old burden

Of all I understand


I'm so tired of all of this trying to be something

Wanna let it all go

Perhaps I will then re-discover

All I don't know.

All I don't [Am] know. All I don't [G] know...All I don't [F] know...

All I don't [C] know...repeat


Like the waves on the [F] ocean

And the man in the [C] moon

And the vast and the glorious spacious and meaningless sacred & beautiful rich field of [F]nothing

That gave birth to this [C] tune.