[Key of G]

[G] Where do you start? Where does [Bm] anyone?

[G] Look into you heart where the [Bm] dreams come from

[G] In some hidden place they [Bm] lie in eager longing

[G] They're waiting to be made. [Bm] Can you hear them calling

[G] So easy to ignore. So many fine reasons [Bm] The same old excuses for every new season

[G] But they know who you are and they want to set you free

[D] And you know that you can do it, you've just got to



[Em] Believe

in what you can't [Bm] see

You can have it [Em] be

[D] Believe

You got to [Em7] believe

Wake up from your [Bm] sleep

What you sow you'll [D] reap

[C] Believe me [D]

You've got to believe [G]


[G] Look around. [Bm] Life is calling.

[G] Calling you to the dance floor. [Bm] Go on pick up a few steps

[G] I know you get lost out there. [Bm] But check out the other dancers

[G] No one's really sure. [Bm] Know one's got the answers

[G] You've gotta take a leap and be with whatever happens [Bm] You've got to fall over if your ever to get balance

[G] And it mightn't go to plan there's no need.

[D] to understand...but you've got to




[G] What did you give up on?

[Bm] What did you settle for?

[G] How long you gonna wait?

[Bm] What are you waiting for?

[G] when will you be ready? How will you know?

[Bm] When are you gonna stop stopping yourself goin'?

[G] They say it's never too late. What do you reckon?

[Bm] Have you really missed the boat? Or are you just chicken?

[G] Well the chicken crossed the road. Got to the other side

And there the [D] green grass grows, lush and long and wild


In [G] twenty billion years the earth'll fall into the sun and in the

[Bm] meantime battles are lost and won

[G] What's the point of it all? What makes it worth while?

[Bm] What's gonna help you sleep? What's gonna make you smile?

[G] What's gonna make a difference on this big blue ball as it

[Bm] hurtles through space on and on and

[G] on and on and on and on and on it

[Bm] goes so go go

[G] Get out your canvas. Get out your pen

[Bm] Get out your power tools, Get with some friends


[G] Get out of your head

[Bm] Remember to breathe.

[G] Forgive yourself everything

[D] Believe...