Bondi Sand

Went down this morning shivering and aching.

Sat on the rocks and I watched the sunrise.

A tapestry of footprints on the canvas tells the story

Of the folks who jog, the lawless dogs

And the lovers in love on


Bondi sand

And the sunlight hits the land

And I finally stand.

And I go back to my home.

And sleep again.


Out past the breakers where the brave boys tread the water

I let the waves throw me around

And up at the pavilion the tourist buses roll in

And it's camera's clicked and ice creams licked

And doggy bags of


Bondi sand

And they take them to another land

And they show them to their friends

And it's oh so clean and bright

Isn't it?


Well everyone is choosing from a hundred different ice creams.

And the beach boys and bunnies are dying to be brown.

Here come the skateboards and the big baggy shorted boys

Past they go and I'm walking slow and between my toes I feel


Bondi sand

And the shadows hit the land

And I meet up with my friends

In a Bondi street café

And we're talking

And laughing

We're just little grains of Sand


Bondi sand