Dream Girl

Dream Girl. I met you in my dreams.

You're beautiful. As beautiful can be.

You're so young and you're so free. Ah dream girl...



Together we lay our bodies down.

You sang to me. It was the sweetest sound.

The angels came over and we all just hung around oh but

Dream girl...

I've got a real girl now.



Dream girl [you're the girl of my dreams]

Dream girl [but you're not want you seem]

Dream girl [now it's time to get real]

Get Real


This real girl she's not as lovely as you.

She's got a dark side.

She loves to argue.

She burps and she farts she's got bad breath sometimes too.

She's not perfect, like you. but you see


I've been waiting and waiting for you to become flesh

I've been waiting and waiting but you haven't showed up yet.

We've got a good thing going babe but it's only in dreams

And there's a real world out there and I want to live in it.




This real girl she fully challenges me.

She calls me to be the man she needs me to be

She won't stand for my bullshit. She sees through my disguise.

It's like a game of hide and seek only there's nowhere to hide.


This real girl and me we don't always get along.

Sometimes it feels right, sometimes it feels wrong.

But every now and then I look in to her face

And I see you there dream girl.

With all your beauty and grace.