Gods’ haircut

[Emaj7] Hello God. It's been a [D#m7] while since we talked

I been [C#m7] too busy chasing carrots dangling from the [Bmaj7] stick tied to my back.


[Emaj7] I haven't been to church in [D#m7] well, you know how long it's been

[C#m7] But when Sunday morning comes around [Bmaj7] I so love sleeping in.


[Emaj7] Well here's my confession, the [D#m7] first thing on the list

[C#m7] I'm not sure I believe in you, [Bmaj7] or if you even exist


[Emaj7] But sometimes in the sunshine or [D#m7] just after I've been broken

[C#m7] I know you've understood [F#maj7] before I've even spoken



[Emaj7] - [G#m7] - [F#7] - [Emaj7] 

[D#m7] - [G#m7] - [F#7] - [Emaj7]


I got so bored at church when I was a kid

I'd sit and count the bricks in the wall. One time I got to a thousand & 6


Things started looking up. When I was about thirteen

The church formed a youth group, around the time of my first wet dream


God I discovered you in the faces of those girls

And their flirty Christian cuddles, their crosses and their curves.


Father Dave was a cool guy, we hung out at his place

Cups of tea, played guitar. I felt like I'd joined the human race




I used to try to understand in order to believe

I have reversed that now and through the eyes of faith I see


And I'm worried and I'm scared that by singing this song

I'll come across as born again and turn people off


You know some people get weird when you mention God

Guess a lot of shit's gone down, in the name of the cross


I guess God looks on saying "do what you will

I gave you freedom of choice to use for good or ill.


Hallelujah X 2


I could be right I could be wrong but I think it's you God who wrote this song

That's okay cause if that's true and song's crap I can blame it on you


Okay, I'm goin' to bed now would you please get out of my head now

I really need to get some rest the sleepy mind is truly blessed


I'll see you in the sun rise, hear you in the parakeets cry

I'll see you in the bathroom mirror looking at me through my own eyes


Those eyes are still bright tho' lately somewhat baggy

And God, you need a haircut you're getting kind of shaggy