[C] I'm the stay at home type trapped in the body of an [F] adventurer

Endlessly [C] adventuring all over the [G] land

I [C] travel through the shadowy [F] valley

High up over the [C] mountain, [F] deep down in the [G] cave


[Am] Well I've woken up in [F] bedrooms with the sunlight on the [F] floorboards

I've [Am] woken up to [F] music and the [Am] smell of toast and [F] tea

And I've [Am] knocked on many [F] front doors and I've [Am] passed through many [F] hallways

I've [Am] seen some beautiful [F] hat stands but I [G] just can't seem to hang my hat


I'm a lay about, playing the part of an action man

I wish I was good for nothing, cause nothing is so good for me

I'm a settler, got caught up in exploring

Trying to kick the habit and stay in one place


Well I'll see a beautiful garden and I'll lay there for a moment

There's a whole world in a garden and so many gardens in the world

Oh my life's packed up in boxes and it's spread al over the country

It's waiting there in darkness to be thrown out or moved in


I'm a homebody, all dressed up like a party boy

Sipping my margarita, and dreaming of a cup of tea

I'm a bunch of molecules, doing time as a human

Suitcase full of memory, is weighing me down


And I wish I was a lizard or a badger or a grizzly

A polar or a Kodiak hell, any kind of bear

I would amble through the summer

I would hibernate through winter curled up

In my cozy cave beneath

A sign that says "there's no place like home"