In my way

You get in my way in the kitchen

In front of the stove and the fridge

In the doorway and by the sink

In front of the cupboard where the plates are kept


And everywhere I move I have to displace you

And then you relocate to the next place that I'm headed to

And it's been so good since you walked in

And I can hardly wait for you to get in my way again



So get in my way

Please get in my way

I love it when you interrupt my day

Cause when you're in my way

It feels so right

So come on come on and interrupt my life


You're unpredictable and gorgeous the way you cover the floor

And every square inch ya cover I love ya more

I'm peering over my cookbook but it's all pretend (cause what I'm really doin')

Is praying you'll get in my way again





You get in my way and it makes us laugh

You touch my waist I touch your shoulder as we pass

Well I am cooking and you watch me cook

I lift up the frying pan lid and you take a look

And the rice is ready and the pappadums are cooked

The timing is perfect and life is good

And the music is cool

And the wine settles in

And my heart is smiling

Cause you're in my way