Open to Love

[D] Let's begin our very own "once upon a time"

[Bm] You and I hook up our stories


It's [G] not all easy this [D] life

The [G] slippery dips, swings and [ D] roundabouts


[A] Come on over dear

Let's you and I

Fall in [D] Love



[Em] Let's open to love in the [A] summer

[Em] As the frangipani's [A] bloom

[Em] I'll try not to get too [A] clever

[Em] And give my heart some [A] room

[F#m] We could lie down on the [G] green grass

[F#m] I'll run my fingers through your [G] hair

[F#m] We could soon find [G] ourselves

Out of [A] reasons to [D] fear


Let's tangle our pathways

Get 'em well entwined

Let's lighten up, shed our armour


So many blessings this life

Friends and stories open fires and chai


Come on over here

Let's you and I

Fall in love



Chorus 2

Let's open to love in the winter

Out in the salty air

Strolling by the ocean

I could warm your ears


We could watch the waves a crashing

Pressed up together in the rain

While the wind blows away our stories

And we find out what remains