The ballad of Joe Marie and Rusty the dog

D# D# G F D#

[ D#] It's two AM and I am still wide awake I've got a

new song arriving and it must be played. It'd be

[G#] So much better if they showed up in the day but it

[G] Doesn't [F] work that way [D#]


The song is about Jo who thought Marie was the one he saidI got to

Make her see make her mine make her love. He kept

Reeling her in til he drove her away cause it

Doesn't work that way


Jo's dog got run over the night Marie went away

When the vet gave the verdict Jo took up praying

He prayed all night Rusty died the next day cause it

Doesn't work that way


Jo said, "I can't go on" but his heart did not agree not matter

How deep he sank he continued to breathe he said,

"oh let me die!" but his heart beat just the same cause it

doesn't work that way




So "how does it work" I hear you say. And I

wish I could tell you some secret special way that would

make you happy for the rest of your days but it

doesn't work that way


they say that...

where you struggle there lies your treasure have

intent and surrender in equal measure

Let your soul be your pilot

Let love light the way

And see how it goes that way.