The Bitching

If I start dissin you please don't be offended.

It's just a habit and it makes me feel good.

If I take the piss out of you well, it's nothing personal.

It's just a hunger that I need to feed.


I go to a party with all my friends.

We bitch our little hearts out in sweet revenge. You see

I got this anger and nowhere to throw it.

And you look so together and you look like you know it.



I try to squash these feelings down.

But sometimes they won't be denied.

I could protest when the bitching comes around but then

I'd be called a hippie and I'd be I just

Bitch That's what I do I

Bitch Just like you I

Bitch Come on come on come on come on let's all




I love the feeling of importance that I get

when I make some cynical remark.

I demonstrate my intellect and my great inner strength

by ripping someone else's dreams apart.

I got this feeling that it's kind of wrong.

But oh the short term satisfaction.

And it really makes me feel like I belong.

And like I've done something without taking action.




Bitch Are you ready? Here we go:

Well she said this and he did that. Did you see her dress? It makes her look fat.

She did him and he did her and that's not all it gets worse.

Let's rip her to bits let put him down. Come on it's the easiest game in town. Did you

see that film? I just can't believe, he's the worst actor I've ever seen. He

used to be good 'til he got all the fame. The same thing happened to what's his name? I just

can't believe. It just goes to show. It was on the cards. You know I told you so. It's the

government. It's the gst. I just love to bitch come on join me

Let's bitch c'mon now









Bitch yeah

Bitch huh