The Jumper Song

I was cold so she lent me her jumper.

And I have worn it every day since then.

It smells like her and it is so warm.

And like she says, it looks good on me and I look good in it.

And I don't want to give it back.

And I think she'd be happy with that.

Just as long as she could hold it some times...While I'm in it.



Love that jumper  it keeps me warm

Love that jumper  shelter from the storm

Love that jumper  I want to get it on

Love that jumper  this is the one


It was quiet there in her room.

And the party raged through the rest of the house.

And as we talked about the posters on her walls

people kept comin in and goin out to get their coats and hats and say goodbye.

On the floor she stood on the bed I sat.

I got cold and I told her that

Well she knew just what to do...Out came the jumper.





And now here comes the interesting part.

I pulled the jumper on over my beating heart.

And then I felt her lips against my neck.

Pressin in, movin up. Oh, so soft and warm and wet.

And as the morning came.

I drove myself away.

And I'd like to say that's that...But I've still got the jumper.


And I want her as much as I don't.

And I want to see her again but I probably won't.

Cause a jumper like that I could keep forever and a day

but when it comes to love; I just seem to throw it away.





Near perfect form

Colours true and strong

Feel it on my skin

As soft as they come

The only thing that's wrong

Is my arms are too long

They keep my distance from

Just about everyone

But in the light of the dawn

May I be reborn

As a love so strong

That goes on and on