The world inside my mind

[Key of E]

[E] I've collected a [F#m] bag full of fears

I [G#m] picked them up here and there over the years

[A] Fears of the cockroaches under the sink

[G#m] Fears about people and what they might think

[A] Fears about money and losing in love

[B7] Of life being all too much

[E?] Or not enough


[E] I've accumulated [F#m] pages of lists

[G#m] Intentions, hopes and things that I wish

[A] Things to get done before I'm dead

[G#m] And dozens of books on the shelf that I haven't yet

[A] Read and these questions asking what life's all [B] about

I don't really want answers I just love

the [A] figuring out and I figure away the [G#m] time

In the world...


[F#m] Inside my mind [E?] Inside my mind [B7]


[E] I've gathered a [F#m] headful of thoughts

[G#m] Some were forced upon me, others I bought

[A] Some about failure, loss and gain,

[G#m] some about growth and time and age

[A] One about love being all that you need

And one [B7]] about truth

Setting you free [E]


[E] I have stocked up a [F#m] warehouse of words

That I [G#m] shuffle around and ship out to the world

[A] to make someone laugh with a joke or two

Or [G#m] share something useful, fruitful or new.

[A] These threads of thought in this song unraveling [B] now

are carried to you on waves of

[A] sound- Into your ears and through to your [G#m] brain

and so this song plays...


[F#m] Inside your mind [E?] Inside your mind

[F#m] How's it going up there? Up there [E?] in your head...



[E] I've discovered a [F#m] river of grace

I [G#m] drift along on it at an easy pace

Well it's [A] row row row gently down stream

[G#m] Into the ocean the source of this curious [A] dream

That asks me to choose what I make it all [B] mean

And I know that I am everything I [A] believe

Yet I know that I'm not what I think I [G#m] am

Yet I know that I am