Umbrella Winter

Disposable umbrellas are drowning in the gutters.

The city bins are overflowin'.

Flimsy little creatures, naked in the puddles.

Wire bones and skin of nylon.


And all over town

buses are driving umbrellas and brief cases around.

Brief cases go home

but from umbrellas people just walk away.


There's Mary Poppins she's flying above us.

I bet that she's getting quite wet up there.

It's umbrella winter the boys have got black ones.

The girls have all kinds of colours.


And all over town

umbrellas are studied and chosen by natural selection.

The strong ones are passed on

and the weak ones are left behind.


It's umbrella winter my shoes they are squelching.

I should have worn the ones without the holes.

The trains they are resting the buses are empty.

The hour of rushing is over.


And all over town

the rain it is pissing down.

It's raining in buckets.

It's lucky I've got my umbrella with me.


Cats and dogs...

It's lucky I've got my umbrella with me.