When you were a kid

[Key of G]

[G] Remember when you were a kid

Exploring the streets of your neighbourhood

[C] A little bit further

Every day

[G] Expanding the boundaries, the radius away from [F] home


You would set out on your own

Happy to wander all alone

Or with your dog

Pulling on his lead

Get down to the beach

Set him free

And you loved him so


And you didn't have to plan you just had to go


Look there's a plum tree better have a plum

Better have a few fill your pocket with 'em

Look there's a new street never been down this road

Look here's a corner which way should I go


Well you didn't have to decide you just had to know


Now you're older what has changed

Exploring the neighbourhood in a similar way

The boundaries got bigger and little boys and girls

Who played on your street now work out in the world


And it not what you hope

It's what you learn...