Where’s my girlfriend?

Woke up this morning cuddled up to nobody.

Last nights tequila grin was this mornings existential ennui.

I thought, "a cup of tea will do the trick" and as I walked past my flatmate's door

I heard the sound of sexy laughter from the girl he met the night before.

I hurried into the kitchen to make that cup of tea

But there was no milk left; I guess he asked her back for coffee

Well please don't get me wrong, I'm really happy for him

I'm just a little jealous that's all and I'm left here wondering...



Where's my girlfriend where's my girl? [They say seek and you will find]

Is she out there in the world? [They say all in good time]

Where's my girlfriend where's my girl? [I really want to know now]

Is she out there looking for me as I'm looking for her?


I got out my Indian Medicine Cards and I pulled one from the deck.

I got an upside down squirrel, I thought, "that really sucks".

Apparently I've lost my connection to "great father sky.

And I'm leaking my energy on fear and worry and addictive questions like:




Now I got a good life and I know there's really nothing wrong.

A sunny day, guitar to play and one more melancholy song.

I think it's time I got outside started flirting instead of sooking.

Get a little braver. Have faith. And keep looking...


Looking and searching and longing and yearning

and waiting and a wishing and a hoping and a wondering

Smiling and approaching them. Talking and flirting

and meeting and joking and getting to know them

To get with a girl to get into her world

or into her pants or to go out and dance with

or eat with or live with or share with or give with

or maybe move in settle down and have kids with.


Is this just a dream that I should let go of?

A dream that comes true just not often that I know of.

But then again there's examples around me

of people who marry and start up a family.

It's not always peachy or dreamy or happy.

There's nothing romantic about changing the nappy

but now I guess I'm thinking too far ahead.


So I'm taking my tequila hangover and my black cup of tea back into my empty bed. And Im singing...