A cup of tea

Ah ah ha, they're so tired.

They've been dancing since they met

See them skip into the kitchen.

Fall in love, put on the kettle.



A cup of tea will calm confusion.

A cup of tea will bring me rest.

A cup of tea will bring us together.

A cup of tea is simply the best..


He said, "I was there at the opening

and when the thing-o-me-jig got stuck, oh boy!"

She said, "when Cathy won gold I was cheering

aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi"


And so they talked of those and other Olympic 2000 moments

'til there was nothing left to say.

and then the kettle (who up until then had said nothing)

started to whistle the silence away.




Three months later he said,

"I love the challenge of the search for a clean cup.

I love the smell as the water goes in.

and I love your complete lack of respect for tea bags

I watch them splatter as they miss the bin"


well she said,

"I love your kettle it knows just when to cut off.

I love your cozies for your pots of tea

and I love the way the water boils up to a crescendo

and the way it steams at the big one hundred degrees.





Pour yourself into me

My cup runneth over

You're my cup of tea.