In my way

You get in my way in the kitchen

In front of the stove and the fridge

In the doorway and by the sink

In front of the cupboard where the plates are kept


And everywhere I move I have to displace you

And then you relocate to the next place that I'm headed to

And it's been so good since you walked in

And I can hardly wait for you to get in my way again



So get in my way

Please get in my way

I love it when you interrupt my day

Cause when you're in my way

It feels so right

So come on come on and interrupt my life


You're unpredictable and gorgeous the way you cover the floor

And every square inch ya cover I love ya more

I'm peering over my cookbook but it's all pretend (cause what I'm really doin')

Is praying you'll get in my way again





You get in my way and it makes us laugh

You touch my waist I touch your shoulder as we pass

Well I am cooking and you watch me cook

I lift up the frying pan lid and you take a look

And the rice is ready and the pappadums are cooked

The timing is perfect and life is good

And the music is cool

And the wine settles in

And my heart is smiling

Cause you're in my way


Bondi Sand

Went down this morning shivering and aching.

Sat on the rocks and I watched the sunrise.

A tapestry of footprints on the canvas tells the story

Of the folks who jog, the lawless dogs

And the lovers in love on


Bondi sand

And the sunlight hits the land

And I finally stand.

And I go back to my home.

And sleep again.


Out past the breakers where the brave boys tread the water

I let the waves throw me around

And up at the pavilion the tourist buses roll in

And it's camera's clicked and ice creams licked

And doggy bags of


Bondi sand

And they take them to another land

And they show them to their friends

And it's oh so clean and bright

Isn't it?


Well everyone is choosing from a hundred different ice creams.

And the beach boys and bunnies are dying to be brown.

Here come the skateboards and the big baggy shorted boys

Past they go and I'm walking slow and between my toes I feel


Bondi sand

And the shadows hit the land

And I meet up with my friends

In a Bondi street café

And we're talking

And laughing

We're just little grains of Sand


Bondi sand

Dream Girl

Dream Girl. I met you in my dreams.

You're beautiful. As beautiful can be.

You're so young and you're so free. Ah dream girl...



Together we lay our bodies down.

You sang to me. It was the sweetest sound.

The angels came over and we all just hung around oh but

Dream girl...

I've got a real girl now.



Dream girl [you're the girl of my dreams]

Dream girl [but you're not want you seem]

Dream girl [now it's time to get real]

Get Real


This real girl she's not as lovely as you.

She's got a dark side.

She loves to argue.

She burps and she farts she's got bad breath sometimes too.

She's not perfect, like you. but you see


I've been waiting and waiting for you to become flesh

I've been waiting and waiting but you haven't showed up yet.

We've got a good thing going babe but it's only in dreams

And there's a real world out there and I want to live in it.




This real girl she fully challenges me.

She calls me to be the man she needs me to be

She won't stand for my bullshit. She sees through my disguise.

It's like a game of hide and seek only there's nowhere to hide.


This real girl and me we don't always get along.

Sometimes it feels right, sometimes it feels wrong.

But every now and then I look in to her face

And I see you there dream girl.

With all your beauty and grace.




Umbrella Winter

Disposable umbrellas are drowning in the gutters.

The city bins are overflowin'.

Flimsy little creatures, naked in the puddles.

Wire bones and skin of nylon.


And all over town

buses are driving umbrellas and brief cases around.

Brief cases go home

but from umbrellas people just walk away.


There's Mary Poppins she's flying above us.

I bet that she's getting quite wet up there.

It's umbrella winter the boys have got black ones.

The girls have all kinds of colours.


And all over town

umbrellas are studied and chosen by natural selection.

The strong ones are passed on

and the weak ones are left behind.


It's umbrella winter my shoes they are squelching.

I should have worn the ones without the holes.

The trains they are resting the buses are empty.

The hour of rushing is over.


And all over town

the rain it is pissing down.

It's raining in buckets.

It's lucky I've got my umbrella with me.


Cats and dogs...

It's lucky I've got my umbrella with me.

The Bitching

If I start dissin you please don't be offended.

It's just a habit and it makes me feel good.

If I take the piss out of you well, it's nothing personal.

It's just a hunger that I need to feed.


I go to a party with all my friends.

We bitch our little hearts out in sweet revenge. You see

I got this anger and nowhere to throw it.

And you look so together and you look like you know it.



I try to squash these feelings down.

But sometimes they won't be denied.

I could protest when the bitching comes around but then

I'd be called a hippie and I'd be I just

Bitch That's what I do I

Bitch Just like you I

Bitch Come on come on come on come on let's all




I love the feeling of importance that I get

when I make some cynical remark.

I demonstrate my intellect and my great inner strength

by ripping someone else's dreams apart.

I got this feeling that it's kind of wrong.

But oh the short term satisfaction.

And it really makes me feel like I belong.

And like I've done something without taking action.




Bitch Are you ready? Here we go:

Well she said this and he did that. Did you see her dress? It makes her look fat.

She did him and he did her and that's not all it gets worse.

Let's rip her to bits let put him down. Come on it's the easiest game in town. Did you

see that film? I just can't believe, he's the worst actor I've ever seen. He

used to be good 'til he got all the fame. The same thing happened to what's his name? I just

can't believe. It just goes to show. It was on the cards. You know I told you so. It's the

government. It's the gst. I just love to bitch come on join me

Let's bitch c'mon now









Bitch yeah

Bitch huh


The Jumper Song

I was cold so she lent me her jumper.

And I have worn it every day since then.

It smells like her and it is so warm.

And like she says, it looks good on me and I look good in it.

And I don't want to give it back.

And I think she'd be happy with that.

Just as long as she could hold it some times...While I'm in it.



Love that jumper  it keeps me warm

Love that jumper  shelter from the storm

Love that jumper  I want to get it on

Love that jumper  this is the one


It was quiet there in her room.

And the party raged through the rest of the house.

And as we talked about the posters on her walls

people kept comin in and goin out to get their coats and hats and say goodbye.

On the floor she stood on the bed I sat.

I got cold and I told her that

Well she knew just what to do...Out came the jumper.





And now here comes the interesting part.

I pulled the jumper on over my beating heart.

And then I felt her lips against my neck.

Pressin in, movin up. Oh, so soft and warm and wet.

And as the morning came.

I drove myself away.

And I'd like to say that's that...But I've still got the jumper.


And I want her as much as I don't.

And I want to see her again but I probably won't.

Cause a jumper like that I could keep forever and a day

but when it comes to love; I just seem to throw it away.





Near perfect form

Colours true and strong

Feel it on my skin

As soft as they come

The only thing that's wrong

Is my arms are too long

They keep my distance from

Just about everyone

But in the light of the dawn

May I be reborn

As a love so strong

That goes on and on

It doesn’t matter

I had some things to do so I did 'em and I did 'em.

I was doin' and doin' and doin' and doin' and the list just kept getting bigger.

I got so worried. I felt so shattered.

I started believing that it mattered.


I had some things to figure out so I figured and I figured.

I thought that might cure my doubt but it just got thicker.

I want to shrink my brain but it just get's fatter.

Feeding from the giant pile of things that I think matter.




But they don't matter. They don't matter no no


They don't matter. They don't matter no

They don't matter. They don't matter no.

They don't matter. They don't matter


I rushed around all day.

Trying to succeed.

Things didn't go my way.

I didn't get what I need.

Things didn't go to plan.

I didn't turn into superman

And nothing got resolved.

At all.


So I turned into a tiny ball of fury.

I sent myself to hell I was my own judge and jury.

Poor me. Broken and battered.

Caught up with believing that all this bullshit matters.




And now I've upset you. Are you angry?

Am I the bad guy now? Don't you like me?

Should I have listened To your stupid chatter?

Should I have pretended that you're obsessions matter?


Well, how can I put this?




Today I swear I actually got excited.

I really felt quite good about my life.

There was a rush of optimism and a smile.

And it lasted for a whole little while.


I dreamt about you all through the morning.

I woke up and I found some things to do.

I did not think of you for an hour or two.

And that felt good and sad and new.


I've been going down to the water.

Trying to get some stillness into my mind.

I dive into the memory of our time

And then I lie down in the sun to dry.


I'm doing so well at letting go.

I get an A plus and a gold star.

I removed your number from my number one speed dial.

I got a hair cut and a new coat. Hello autumn.


Daylight saving finished today.

It's always a little sad to see it go.

And I know it's not the end of the world.

It's just a little darker and I've always felt the cold.


And there's so much I want to tell you.

But you're no longer the one in whom I confide.

I loved you then and I love you still.

And you know I always will.



Where’s my girlfriend?

Woke up this morning cuddled up to nobody.

Last nights tequila grin was this mornings existential ennui.

I thought, "a cup of tea will do the trick" and as I walked past my flatmate's door

I heard the sound of sexy laughter from the girl he met the night before.

I hurried into the kitchen to make that cup of tea

But there was no milk left; I guess he asked her back for coffee

Well please don't get me wrong, I'm really happy for him

I'm just a little jealous that's all and I'm left here wondering...



Where's my girlfriend where's my girl? [They say seek and you will find]

Is she out there in the world? [They say all in good time]

Where's my girlfriend where's my girl? [I really want to know now]

Is she out there looking for me as I'm looking for her?


I got out my Indian Medicine Cards and I pulled one from the deck.

I got an upside down squirrel, I thought, "that really sucks".

Apparently I've lost my connection to "great father sky.

And I'm leaking my energy on fear and worry and addictive questions like:




Now I got a good life and I know there's really nothing wrong.

A sunny day, guitar to play and one more melancholy song.

I think it's time I got outside started flirting instead of sooking.

Get a little braver. Have faith. And keep looking...


Looking and searching and longing and yearning

and waiting and a wishing and a hoping and a wondering

Smiling and approaching them. Talking and flirting

and meeting and joking and getting to know them

To get with a girl to get into her world

or into her pants or to go out and dance with

or eat with or live with or share with or give with

or maybe move in settle down and have kids with.


Is this just a dream that I should let go of?

A dream that comes true just not often that I know of.

But then again there's examples around me

of people who marry and start up a family.

It's not always peachy or dreamy or happy.

There's nothing romantic about changing the nappy

but now I guess I'm thinking too far ahead.


So I'm taking my tequila hangover and my black cup of tea back into my empty bed. And Im singing...



A cup of tea

Ah ah ha, they're so tired.

They've been dancing since they met

See them skip into the kitchen.

Fall in love, put on the kettle.



A cup of tea will calm confusion.

A cup of tea will bring me rest.

A cup of tea will bring us together.

A cup of tea is simply the best..


He said, "I was there at the opening

and when the thing-o-me-jig got stuck, oh boy!"

She said, "when Cathy won gold I was cheering

aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi"


And so they talked of those and other Olympic 2000 moments

'til there was nothing left to say.

and then the kettle (who up until then had said nothing)

started to whistle the silence away.




Three months later he said,

"I love the challenge of the search for a clean cup.

I love the smell as the water goes in.

and I love your complete lack of respect for tea bags

I watch them splatter as they miss the bin"


well she said,

"I love your kettle it knows just when to cut off.

I love your cozies for your pots of tea

and I love the way the water boils up to a crescendo

and the way it steams at the big one hundred degrees.





Pour yourself into me

My cup runneth over

You're my cup of tea.

The Long Road

It's a long road to work out what you want to do.

It's a long road to realize that you got to choose.

It's a long road and it never stops it just goes and goes a goes

And it's the only road I know.


It's a long road to find a way to let go.

It's a long road to get the strength to live what you know

And it's a long way to find a place that feels like home.

And that's the road on which I roam.



It's a long road. Yeah.

It's a long road. Yeah.

And I know, I know yeah,

It's a good road. Yeah.


It's a long road to find someone to dance with you.

Someone who'll go there with you into the centre of the groove.

Get in close and still leave some room to move.

Well that's the road so sweet and smooth.


Well it's a long road to say what you want to say.

And it's a long road to just shut up and enjoy the day.

Well it's a long road and it's a tough road but it's the only way to go so come on let's go.

We'll take it day by day.



Back to my place

Too much noise. Too much light.

Everything is a little too much tonight.

Oh...let's get the hell out of here.


And let's go back to my place.

Snuggle up under the blankets.

Watch some rage on tv

In the morning I'll cook you breakfast

Could you hold me?

Could you hold me?

Could you hold me awhile?


I've had so much fun it's beginning to hurt.

The god's of fun have left now it's a post fun holocaust.

The beer in my hair. That song again.

Everything reminds me of everything.


And let's go back to my place.

Snuggle up under the blankets.

I know you get cold toes.

You can warm them against my ankles.

I could hold you.

I could hold you.

I could hold you awhile.


Don't worry. We'll be fine.

Just like the morning it's just a matter of time.

I've got just enough cash

So call a taxi.


And let's go back to my place.

Snuggle up under the blankets.

Listen to the rain outside

All sleepy spoon hug naked.

I could hold you.

You could hold me.


I could hold you.

You could hold me.